Annette Renee White is a restaurateur, adventurist, entrepreneur and bucket listologist. Bucket Listologist? What the heck is that you say? Buck-et List-ol-o-gist: n: A person who has mastered the art of living their life through their bucket list. She has been a blogger since 2008 and hopes that you will join her on this journey:
This blog is an Unconventional Guide to Living Everyday Like Your Last; where dreams become reality and the only roadblock to your goals is…YOU!
Gastromonic Adventures: Strange & Innovative Eats.
Travel: Whether it be internationally, domestically or locally, traveling is on almost everyone’s bucket list. These posts will focus on the best destinations for specific goals, the Art of The 12-Hour Vacation {12HV} and helpful tips.
Lifestyle Design: Discussing the forces that keep us from having new experiences and achieving goals {time, fear & money}. Also, lessons in living your best life and breaking the notion that life has to fit into a “standard” mold.
Unconventional Work: Creating a career that gives you the freedom to pursue your dreams, as well as, turning your dreams into your career.
Money: Ways to save money, so you have more opportunities to create amazing experiences.
Listology: Helpful lists in the aforementioned categories, as well as, creating and living your bucket list.
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