Truth be told…I don’t like eggs. Scramble them, boil them, put ’em sunny side up or down…it don’t matter. Really the only way to make me happy with the ovum is to hide it in a soft creme brulee with a crunchy fired sugar top. 

That’s why the Frisee-Lardon Salad at Fig Cafe in Glen Ellen, California makes the cut to qualify for Innovative Eats. They manage to turn a runny (AKA: poached) egg into a delectable experience. How? They start with housemade slabs of bacon (lardon), add a warm bacon vinaigrette, toss with the frisee and finish by topping with egg. You are able to witness the whole process by sitting at the bar.

The dish arrives with instructions from the server, ‘it is best when you break the yolk and let it seep throughout the greens”. Though I was tempted to toss the egg aside all together, I never shy away from a possible new experience…and quite an experience it was. It was the familiar juxtaposition of bacon and eggs with a dash of the rebellion of eating breakfast for dinner. 

Innovative Eats is a series that features unique dishes at restaurants from around the world that are worthy of adding to your Bucket List.