So, you say that you are the ultimate foodie? You would give your left arm to eat a meal that Ferran Adria has created, snack on Beluga Caviar or to take a cooking class from Masaharu Morimoto? Here's a list of things every foodie must have on their bucket list:

1. Eat at the French Laundry
The French Laundry is known as one of the best restaurants in the World and has been awarded 3 Michelin stars. Thomas Keller is a master at his craft, but it will cost you a pretty penny. Dining here will run you about $300 per person…Ouch!

2. Hunt for Truffles
You can expect black truffles to retail at $175-$400 per pound, so hunting for them yourself is a much better option for the pocket book. Beware, they are tricky to find, hence the outrageous cost! It is best to hook up with a specialized company because they will have the trained dog and/or pig that is helping when seeking out these delicacies.

3. Create your own Cocktail
This may take some trial and error in order to achieve the perfect harmony of flavors and may also require the assistance of a true mixologist. Take your time with your creation, the best part is the sampling!

4. Dismember a Chicken
Learning this skill is not only impressive, it will also save you money on buying the already dismembered parts at the butcher. Make sure you have a super sharp knife and watch your fingers! There are photo instructions at Raw Fish.

5. Make Fresh Pasta
There is nothing like the taste of fresh pasta and it is fairly easy to make, using only 3 ingredients. Click HERE for the recipe I use at my restaurant.

6. Taste Wine Directly from the Barrel
Every year Sonoma County has a weekend event strictly dedicated to Barrel Tasting. It is the perfect opportunity to learn one important step in the art of winemaking and talk to the experts.

7. Tour a Food Factory
Take a factory tour to get a close up look at how your food is processed. Many of them are free and offer an array of tasty samples! My favorite tour was of McEvoy Ranch where I learned how Olive Oil was made. For other ideas click HERE.

8. Create your Signature Dish
Every foodie has to have a signature dish, you know, the one that you are asked to bring to every family event and gets the most recipe requests.

9. Start an Herb Garden
Even if you are limited on space you can have an indoor or outdoor herb garden. The most common herbs to plant are basil, chives, dill, mint, oregano, parsley, rosemary & thyme. For instructions on how to start your garden visit eHOW.

10. Eat Escargot
I vividly remember my little Italian grandmother combing the hills in Northern California for snails. I was naive to think that she was collecting these critters as pets to add to my collection. After slathering them in a garlic butter sauce, they definitely make a better dinner than pet.

11. Collect Honey from a Beehive
Natural honey is an immunity builder, energy booster and remedy for many ailments, as well as one of the healthiest sweeteners. Though it can be purchased at many stores, that would not be quite as impressive (or exciting) as extracting it yourself. Thankfully, most beekeepers will use a smoker to subdue the bees and give you a fashionable, full-body protective suit to wear.

12. Make Ice Cream
After returning from Florence, I had a strong desire to replicate the Hazelnut gelato that I enjoyed {everyday, sometimes twice a day} at the local gelateria. Gelato is a significant part of the Italian tradition not only because of the pure indulgence of it, but mostly because having gelato in Italy is more about the experience; choosing the perfect flavor, chatting with the locals and strolling along the cobbled streets licking your prize.

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