In a day and age where it feels like we schedule almost every minute of every day, can you spare 10 minutes?  You may have to wake up a little earlier, cut out one of your television programs or forgo that third cup of coffee in the morning. But, wih an extra ten minutes in your day you could be quite productive.

1. Clean out your Email Files
Reply, trash and unsubscribe to emails that are no longer useful.

2. Write a Thank You letter
So often we only write letters to companies to tell them when something isn't right. Writing an unexpected thank you note will not only make you feel good, but the recipient as well.

3. Plan an Adventure
Take one step forward in achieving a goal; create a list, make a phone call or do some research.

4. Take a Walk
By simply walking 10 minutes you can improve your health, lower your blood pressure and better your mood

5. Read Something
Reading improves your memory, teaches you something new and improves your vocabulary.

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