Five thought provoking questions for you to ponder:

1. Would you rather live a life of unhappiness or uncertainty?
As Timothy Ferriss has said, “most people will choose unhappiness over uncertainty.” Think about it. Though, I know most of us would claim that we, without hesitation, would select uncertainty, how many of us do? How many people are staying in bad marriages, holding on to mundane jobs or are reluctant to move away from the safety of their hometowns? The best I can say is that everyday I strive to select uncertainty.

2. Would you rather eat lambs tongue or blood sausage?
Are you salivating at the thought of eating either of these? If so, we need to talk. Being that lambs tongue is definitely on my “I-never-want-to-eat-that-again list”, I would have to choose blood sausage as the delicacy I want to nosh on. Mostly, because it is still an unaccomplished goal on my bucket list. Blood sausage is made from various meats and mixed with blood which gives it a distinctive dark color…yum yum.

3. Would you rather jump out of an airplane or explore the bottom of the ocean?
The answer would probably depend on whether you are afraid of heights or claustrophobic. If you are both, this question is going to be torture for you! Jumping out of a plane causes me an inkling less anxiety than being in the depths of the sea with unknown creatures, maybe because I have skydived in the past. Somehow my parachute not opening and me plummeting to the ground is less of a concern than getting “the bends” scuba diving. Go figure.

4. Would you rather live without music or without TV?
On the surface this seems like an easy choice because music invokes an array of feelings, brings back wonderful memories and can shut the door on your sadness. Television seems like the ultimate time sucker (only second to my beloved Facebook), but my mind is conflicted when I think about all the thought provoking movies I have seen, exquisitely filmed documentaries and mindless comedies that give you a break from the stresses of everyday life. Though it’s heartbreaking, I would rather live without music.

5. Would you rather be able to read peoples minds or be able to fly?
This happens to be the easiest of the questions for me, because I am positive that I do not want to know what people are thinking all the time. On the same hand, I definitely don’t want folks to be able to read my mind either. Let’s face it, knowing everything loved ones and strangers think can be extremely hurtful. There are some things that are just better left unsaid. Besides, being able to fly would be really helpful in rush hour traffic.

What would you rather do?

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