It’s that time of year, where the gyms are flooded, cigarette sales decline and the local dog shelter gets overwhelmed with potential volunteers. Every New Years Day the inevitable resolutions are made, only to be forgotten within the upcoming weeks. This year opt to make the lifelong resolution of creating your own bucket list; a list of things to do before you die. Instead of fruitless promises you have been obligated to make one day of the year, let this list be your map throughout the rest of your days.

    We are all at least a little guilty of getting stuck in the monotony of the day-to-day routines. What could you do differently to identify this day as a unique day from the others? Having a bucket list focuses interests, provides structure and makes you feel alive. It will expand your mind to new possibilities and help make your dreams become a reality. I have always believed that your choices create your life and feel that I am on my own guided path. My list dictates much of my existence, helping me step out of the box and create new experiences every day.

    You can begin by writing down all your hopes, desires and dreams. Stop scratching your head, you know you have them! Think about all the places you would like to travel, sports you want to try, events you’ve always thought about attending and lessons you still have to learn. A few examples could be milking a cow, rappelling into a cave, reading a classic novel or standing under a waterfall. Don’t worry about making each aspiration earth-shattering; sometimes the simplest goals are the most rewarding. For me, swimming with dolphins was just as gratifying as completing a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle or finding my high school best friend. There’s something so satisfying about setting a goal and achieving it, no matter how easy or difficult it may be.

    Most importantly, do something different starting TODAY; take a new route to work, change your hair style, attempt to cook a new recipe or drink a vintage wine. It is not too late to begin planning, you are not too old and “having time” is only a matter of priority. The last thing I ever want to do is sit back in my rocking chair and say “I wish I would have…’”  

    This New Years trade in the standard resolutions for writing a lifetime bucket list. Your ambitions will make you feel alive and your accomplishments will remind you that you are worthy of living your best life!

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