As you sit down to review the happenings of the year that has quickly passed, have you said more than you've actually done? Were there promises made and broken? Dreams left untended to? Places still unseen? Time and time again we hear people mention the wish lists for their lives; wide-eyed with the excitement in their voices and the crackling of the wheels turning in the brain. Plans are made within five minute conversations, titillating aspiration and, most of all, hope. This is the moment that I wish would last a lifetime. The feeling of hope, excitement, and motivation all wrapped into one like a casserole that melds all the best leftovers together to make the perfect meal. I would eat that damn casserole everyday for the rest of my life.

Than what happens? Unfortunately, that thought needs to turn to action and that's where the need for "instant gratification" scores a touchdown while hard work is left to watch from the sidelines. Taking on the entire goal seems like an impossible feat, so day by day the excitement dwindles until the goal is a distant memory like the wrinkle-free skin I had when I was 18. Don't worry, I am guilty too.

Have I said more than I have done? Probably. But, I did a lot.

23 Bucket List Goals I Completed in 2010 (That's almost 2 a month, if you're doing the math):

  1. Toured an Olive Oil Factory
  2. Had My Picture in the Newspaper
  3. Flew on a Trapeze
  4. Got Fitted for a Bra
  5. Wrote a Letter to my Future Self
  6. Made a Handmade Greeting Card
  7. Received a Fan Letter
  8. Applied to be on a Reality Show
  9. Golfed 18 Holes
  10. Made Fresh Pasta
  11. Visited a Castle
  12. Touched a Famous Piece of Art
  13. Shared my Most Embarrassing Moment
  14. Coined a Word
  15. Wrapped a Snake Around my Neck
  16. Had a Meaningful Conversation with a Stranger
  17. Ate a Meal Cooked by a Famous Chef
  18. Went to the Movies by Myself
  19. Got Published
  20. Got my Eyebrows Threaded
  21. Bicycled Across the Golden Gate
  22. Made a Homemade Beauty Product
  23. Ate a lot of Really Weird Stuff!

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