As we start to pass that "mid-life crisis" age, many people choose to forgo the big birthday celebration opting instead for a quiet evening sobbing while foraging through photos that capture their youth. Believe me, I too miss my cellulite-free thighs, being able to eat sundaes at midnight and not having to squint to read a menu. But, what if this is the best time of your life? I remember at 30 saying my favorite age was 25, at 38 I longed to be 33, what if at 50 I am going to wish I was the exact age I am now? Are you catching what I'm throwing or did I lose you somewhere around "mid-life" crisis? It means that one day you could be looking back at this being the best time of your life, so that's a little kick in the pants to make the present day worth looking back on fondly.

Last year on the big 4-0 I planned a Vuja De birthday, attempting to complete 14 things that I had never done before. The highlights were "writing a letter to my future self" and "flying on a trapeze" (click here to see last years itinerary).  It was such an amazing day that I decided to do it again this year. But, due to the scheduling of goals, I have to split it up over a few days. Here's this years agenda:

1. See a Foreign Film

2. Master a Video Game

3. Look 10 Years Younger than I Am

4. Indoor Skydive

5. Try a New Food

6. Learn a Line Dance

7. Buy Original Art

8. Eat at a New Restaurant

9. Go to Dinner Theater

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