Yes…I admit it…I wanted to eat a Whoopie Pie strictly because of the name, I am not ashamed. Though, when I think of pie I envision a flaky, lightly browned crust with a delicate lemon custard filling and a perfectly meringued top. This stereotype was soon to be shattered, creating a new formula for the term "pie". 

Luckily within my Birthday Bucket List Extravaganza research I discovered a nearby restaurant, Pican, who specialized in making these American delicacies. Traditionally, they are made from two round chocolate sponge cakes filled with vanilla icing (think big Oreo). But, Pican puts there own spin on things by dabbling with creative flavors that change daily. Todays flavor du jour is fluffy red velvet with a dense vanilla icing.

When it arrived I was perplexed by whether this was a 'knife & fork' dessert or finger food. Assessing my surroundings was not helpful, for I was indulging in dessert before 11 in the morning and it seemed no other diners deemed this reasonable lunch nourishment. I bargained with myself. Since there were two, one would be eaten in a sophisticated, well-refined manner and the other "no holds barred". Each option produced the same potentially addictive flavor, that of an outside in cupcake. A damn good cupcake.