Do you need to add any of these to your bucket list?

1. How to Change a Flat Tire
I have had three flat tires in my driving career, luckily I have also had a cell phone programmed with fast mechanical help. I know a time will come where I will actually have to know what to do with the jack that is comfortably housed in the trunk of my car. I guess this is just another goal that needs to be added to my Bucket List

2. Laundry Stain Removal
Being a restaurateur proves to be a messy job, time & time again. Just about everyday I come home with stains on my clothes that I am afraid to identify. It is essential to know what to use to get my clothes clean or else my attire budget would be staggering. The most helpful tip I have learned is to use dish soap on oil stains, this saves me hundreds of dollars each year.

3. How to Listen
There are a dozen thoughts in my head at any given moment, so listening to someone else sometimes adds more chaos to the jumbled mess in my mind. Learning to listen goes well beyond just "remembering peoples names", which is a feat within itself, it is so important to any relationship.

 4. Basic Cooking
Many folks have gotten by with limited cooking knowledge that consists merely of microwaving popcorn and warming up a can of soup. But, learning how to cook is beneficial because of the health and financial benefits. You are able to select which products will go into your body and save oodles of money.

5. Negotiation Tactics
You will have the need to negotiate in many different aspects of life; marriage, career and comparison shopping. I lacked this skill when I was younger, ending up with an overpriced used Toyota Corolla and a demanding career that paid well below the average wage. Now, if I can just learn how to negotiate a new pair of shoes with the husband!