I believe you already know my stance on deep-fried food…IT RULES! I'm pretty sure you can even submerse rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles) in hot oil and I would dip them in blue cheese, inhale every morsel and possibly lick my fingers clean.

We walked into Delarosa restaurant in San Francisco and were warmly greeted by the blaring music of the Beastie Boys "No sleep til Brooklyn" I questioned the noise in my ears and asked the host to confirm it was indeed the B-Boys. He immediately offered to turn it off, but, slightly offended, I told him he should "turn it up". Did this young lad think I was too old to get down to a little old school rap just because he was sporting 2 gauge earrings and a faux hawk? Bring it on and I will break out a power step hop followed by a derulo rock and leave you hanging with an airbaby…word up.

Anyway, back to the innovativeEats at hand. Delarosa offers a medley of deep-fried treats, but nothing compares to the vegetable that almost every child despises. The Brussel sprouts came to the table naked, with a caper aioli hanging out on the sidelines ready to be sent into the game. They seemed to have expanded and blossomed due to the amount of oil they had unwillingly ingested. Crispy and golden brown sprouts with a crunch…can we all say "addictive"? Better than potato chips, possibly healthier and only 6 bucks.