I have a love-hate relationship with shoes, I love wearing high- heels everyday and my feet hate me for it. The problem: I adore wearing pretty shoes that make my back ache, but legs look fab. The second problem: I own a restaurant where I spend 60+ hours standing per week and stilettos are personally prohibited because the calluses on my feet say that it is close to impossible to bus tables, host and cook in 4 inch hooker-style pumps. So, I am on the constant hunt to find cute, comfortable shoes. Please, don't tell me to buy Clogs, Crocs or Danskos, they can make them in a Mary Jane and still not be fashionable.

Unfortunately, the Steve Madden Espadrille does not solve much of the comfort issue, but they are fantastic. I have been coveting this style shoe since Jennifer Aniston wore the way more expensive Stuart Weitzman version in 2009 while filming the movie "The Bounty". Not wanting to fork over the $365, Madden came up with a very believable alternative for just 80 bucks.  

Buy the shoe here…

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