We were in Grand Cayman patiently waiting in line for our Swimming with Stingray, Hell & Turtle Farm excursion to begin when “The Coconut Man” wheeled in his shopping cart and plastic garbage can filled with fresh coconuts. I had definitely partook in consuming coconut milk when dabbling in Thai curries and had assumed this flavor would be the same. You know what they say about assuming.

I ordered one coconut for $3 from the cordial, sun-weathered man. He proceeded to grab his machete and hack at the top of the fruit until a two-inch hole was exposed. He peered into the first one and immediately threw it away. Should I have asked what the heck was in there? He poked a straw into the nut of his next attempt and handed it to me. Puckering up I had expected a creamy liquid, but was surprised by the juice being the consistency of water, yet flavorful and lightly sweet. Throw it on ice and this could be my new addiction.

Coconuts, a garbage can, a shopping cart, a machete and some plastic straws…hmmm. The wheels in the brain go round and round. I spent hours thinking about creating a business plan for selling coconuts in the Caribbean, tempted by the short hours, high profit margin and plentiful tourists. But, remembering my naturally clumsy nature, the machete halted my future business venture. I like my fingers.