Judging a Food Competition was never on my Bucket List, until now. Did you sense a little envy in that sentence, because my face is a pale shade of green. You see, the folks over at The Great Petaluma Chili Cookoff graciously asked my hubby, Peter, to be a judge at this years competition (Sat. May 7th). Which, contrary to the color of my skin, I am thrilled about. He is a chef & restaurateur too…and a damn good chili maker.

Yes…there still is an underlying tinge of jealousy for not being able to participate in having this new experience. I like spicy meat, fresh salsa, stinky burps that last 2 days and Firemen. So, today starts the massive “Annette Judges Chili” campaign for my spot on the panel for next year, so I can check this one off the ol’ Bucket List! Until then, stop by this Saturday, eat way too much, don’t belch in my direction and give a big smooch (or high five) to my man.

We competed in the Chili Cookoff in 2008!