I definitely wasn’t going to leave Italy without chomping on a soft, light piece of carb-infested focaccia. Next to gelato, it was the most talked about must-eat food and I don’t like to miss out on…anything.

Though there are focaccia joints scattered all over Italia, when we selected La Cambusa in Manarola, Cinque Terre, we did ourselves good.

La Cambusa is a tiny, tiny restaurant that sells a small selection of pizza, focaccia and farinata. The perfect place for a quick bite as you are strolling through this quaint Cinque Terre town.

It was hard to choose, because my stomach was now growling and everything looked like it could make it shut up. Besides, at 1,80 Euro each, this was going to be the cheapest meal we had in Italy.

Farinata, a pizza made of chickpea flour, it a popular street food in Liguria. Foreign to me. Which meant, I’ll take two. It was golden and crispy on the top, yet moist inside. And only 1,00 Euro. Now that’s how you eat in Italy on a budget.

Pete stands outside waiting for his pomodori focaccia, which only took two minutes. Two minutes until pillows of heaven, with a soft outer crunch. After spending hundreds of dollars dining at some of the finest restaurants in Italy, could this cheap-eat be the best meal? Quite possibly.

What was your favorite food in Italy?