I have tried for several months to accomplish the bucket list goal of “Making an Origami Animal” and it deceptively appeared simple. But, as it turns out, Origami is really freakin’ hard and a dictionary of paper folding terminology was going to be a necessity. How was I supposed to know how to do a bird base with a reverse and petal fold? This was getting complicated.

I did make several attempts, with many different animals, starting with this dinosaur. He does not stand. Not even when I bent his legs backwards. Or tail up. There were also a slew of pitiful frogs, squirrels and turtles that followed.

But then, when browsing through a store, my eyes were drawn to a basket full of colorful paper cranes. I’m selfish. I wanted my own basket full of cranes. Waa, waa, waa. Let the challenge begin.



I had every intention of making a video of this goal to show you all how to make your own crane. See, I even started the intro….

But, then I realized that I have absolutely no business showing anyone this delicate Japanese art. Your bird might end up headless. Even though I did complete one crane…yes, just one…I am not even an amateur. Just lucky.


So, here’s the Making an Origami Crane diagram instructions I used and a video from someone who actually knows what they are doing…

If, after reading this and watching the video, you decide that you have a passion for strategically folding paper, I need 99 more cranes for my basket. Please send me all your leftovers.