I had many amazing adventures in Costa Rica; ziplining through the rain forest, relaxing in the famous Tabacon natural hot springs and, the most thrilling, dozens of furry Coati creatures attacking my granola bar.

We were leisurely riding in our rented 4WD, which is a must for the severely bumpy, non-paved roads, when we noticed a few gawkers on the side of the street surrounded by animals that looked like anteaters to me. Whoa! Put on the brakes. I love shaggy pint-size animals.

This Coati is the innocent looking one that sucks you in by being deceivingly cute and docile.

I slowly inched my way closer to the creatures, assessing my safety along the way. I am adventurous, not insane. Then I had the bright idea that Coati must like granola bars and I had one. Besides, there were no signs that said “do not feed the animals”. This wasn’t the zoo.

Tell me that doesn’t look like the face of a fierce beast with granola on his mind.

I pulled the food from my pocket and was immediately swarmed by dozens of Coati. I ran. To the car. Locked myself in and fed them from the window.

Turns out, Coati love granola bars.

Note: I now realize how wrong it is to feed wild animals people food. No need to email me. It won’t happen again. Most likely.

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