Apparently, eating dog treats is something that appealed to me so much that I had to make a special trip to Plate Shop in Sausalito just so I could have one. Regular, store bought kibble would just not do, I needed something that was actually prepared for humans. Pigs ears fit the bill.  I can't be the only one who seeks out restaurants who serves strange unique food…can I?

Plate Shop's decor and smallwares exude trendiness, from the antique-inspired drop lighting to the steel napkin rings to the exposed concrete walls. 

I couldn't resist starting my meal with the "Non Offensive" $6 red wine. And it was, well, non offensive.

Peter and I decided to share two different meals in order to maximize my strangeEats pleasure. Isn't that one of the best perks to being married? We started with the smoked sea urchin risotto with sea beans. The beautifully colored urchin had hopes of tasting good, but I couldn't get past the mushy texture, which was way to similar to the lambs brain we had eaten for our anniversary. Mix that with the fishy taste and it was chalked up as "one more weird food that Pete would have to finish".

We also ordered the Pigs Roast, that featured an array of piggy parts and. of course, a single pigs ear. The pig parts were more distinct than the deep-fried Scrapple we had eaten at Tyler Florences.

After wolfing down the sea urchin, Peter eats all the goodies around the ear, saving it for last. Don't let that fool you, he loves it when I force him to eat bizarre things. Really. Look at the smile on his face. Or maybe he just tolerates it.

It was chewy, this ear, and had the flavor of pork rinds. Non offensive too. I could see why dogs love them.

The D44 Dessert: Chocolate, banana, peanut butter and curry. It was really yummy, even though I don't care for my food being served deconstructed. I'm lazy. I don't want to have to dress it, toss it, combine it or spend a lot of time cutting it up into bite size pieces in order to eat it.

If you have to give me a pricey bill, then this is the way to do it, with a side of the tastiest caramel popcorn.

Have you ever eaten a pigs ear, urchin or sea beans?

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