Prior to my visit to La Bufadora in Mexico, the only street food I have ever partaken in was the must-have hot dog from a vendor on the streets of New York City, mostly because it had "Bucket List Opportunity" written all over it. 9 times out of 10 I will opt for a dining experience at a sit-down restaurant, since I own one myself. But, that all changed on the streets of Mexico.

After visiting the amazing blow hole at La Bufadora, we started our way back through the endless stream of shops. I got less then ten steps before these fresh clams grilling caught my eye.   

Five bucks for a big, fish stuffed clam. Okay.

Though the pounds of gummy candies were tempting, I passed right by. I was distracted by the sweet, spicy & nutty smells wafting through the gentle breeze.

Ah ha. The culprit. This man making fresh spiced nuts. Why is he so skinny? I would be eating fistfuls of these nuts all day if I had to work here. They were handing out samples straight from the pan and they tasted better than they smelled.

Fruit cups o'plenty. These colorful cups of fruit seemed to be found at every other booth. Pick your pleasure; cactus, mango, papaya, coconut…

I had heard people mention "dollar tacos", but thought it was just a myth. Who could be selling tacos for just a buck? La Cabana does. There were five flavors to choose from and I would like to say "it was a tough decision", but it was not. If you have read any of my strangeEATS posts, you would know that the only option would be cactus. I ordered one. 

Tacos were made to order and I watched as this man picked up the biggest cleaver to chop the cactus. 

I feared for his fingers.

After working his taco magic, he handed me a tortilla with my grilled cactus and a sprinkling of cabbage.

And then I was able to dress it up with the dozen condiments available. Yes to guacamole. Why not to the refried beans. I'll pass on the spicy salsa. I am a wimp. 

My mouth was watering before my first bite.

Turns out cactus is not tough or overly flavorful, but it is a little…um…slippery. Not bad, but I definitely prefer a Prickly Pear Margarita.

What's your favorite Mexican Street Food?