I have whooped it up in Las Vegas a handful of times. Translation: I have lost way too much money, danced on the bar at Coyote Ugly, partied with Rob & Big at my company Christmas party, attended a chapel wedding (not with Elvis), played pool in the Real World suite at the Palms and a few other unmentionables. But, it was time to reinvent Vegas, maybe in a more sophisticated way. Or at least sans the black jack table and upside down shots.

Southwest Airlines sent me a hard-to-pass-up travel deal of RT airfare for two from California and two nights at the 5-star THEhotel at Mandalay for $450. Yep. Hard to pass up.

Peter and I had only been to Vegas once together and it was a whirlwind wedding weekend (not our own). So, there was no opportunity for exploring. Or to see if we were “Vegas Compatible”. There is such a thing. He is not into the loud dance clubs (or dancing in general) or gambling. That’s okay. I’ll take on the challenge of planning a fun-for-both trip that appeased his need to be entertained and my need to make checks off my bucket list.

The itinerary included:

  • Seeing a Vegas Show
  • Going to an Ice Bar
  • Eating at a Celebrity Chefs Restaurant
  • A “Strange Eats” Happy Hour
  • Meeting the Celebs at Madame Tussauds
  • Scoping out Sharks
  • Going to a Blues Bar

All that in two days. We got this.

Let the tame fun begin…

What’s on your Las Vegas bucket list?

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