This new year is already shaping up to be a memorable one and here’s why:


January already started out fantastic with a check off my Bucket List by sweating profusely at Bikram yoga. Exactly how I want every year to begin, with an accomplished goal, not necessarily stinky yoga. But, it’s gonna get even better. Next week I will be attending San Francisco’s Fancy Food Show where over 1,300 vendors showcase over 80,000 food products representing 35 different countries. Did I mention FREE SAMPLES? There is no way I’ll be walking rolling out of there with an empty stomach!

Peter and I have also been invited, by the General Managers father, to have dinner at San Francisco’s uber-trendy Park Tavern. Their creative menu has a few items that I have never tried before like duck liver pate, kampachi and mangalitsa lardo. I guess there is no question what I’ll be eating for dinner.

Thanks to Zap (Zinfandel Advocates & Producers) I have also been invited to the ever-so popular Zinfandel Festival. I’ve heard all the rumors surrounding this event. And it sounds like the must-attend wine shindig of the year. The Grand Tasting will feature hundreds of barrel samples, new releases and premier Zinfandels. Now that’s my kind of heaven.


February is starting out right, with my first trip to Seattle, where I have more activities than time planned. Many thanks to Visit Seattle. Because of them, we are staying in the heart of downtown at the historic Mayflower Park Hotel. My main goal is to catch a fish at Pikes Market Place. You can call me a cheesy tourist. I don’t mind. But, we also have a City Pass that is good for admission to some of the coolest attractions, like the Space Needle. I’m not going to pass up a shot at romance by having drinks with the most spectacular view!

When we return from our Seattle travels, it is all about Anthony Bourdain. Mr. No Reservations is making an appearance with French chef Eric Ripert and I’ve got tickets! Hoping to be able to ask him how he was able to choke down warthog rectum. What could that possibly taste like? Chicken?

Also, this month, my blog turns 3 years old. It ain’t no baby anymore. In fact, it should be able to go potty in the toilet by now. Finally.


March is Peter’s birthday and I am planning a trip to Lake Tahoe, Nevada for some fun in the snow. After our completely snowless trip a couple months ago, this one will be about learning to snowboard, snowmobiling and dog sledding. Of course, there will also be some Hot Irish Cream coffees by the fire.


The most exciting plans so far is a BOOKED trip to London & Barcelona. The preceding few months will be filled with my obsessive over-planning. We will definitely be taking a walk down Abbey Road, trying Absinthe and eating tapas in Spain. Anything else I need to do?

The Rest of the Year

Though there is nothing else firm for the rest of the year, I for sure will not be lying on the couch watching soap operas. Not my style. It is Peter and my fifteenth wedding anniversary in July (yep, that’s a long time) and I’m thinking about a whirlwind trip to Hawaii. I’ve never been in a helicopter, looked into the mouth of a volcano or done the hula.

So far, this year is shaping up perfectly adventurous.

What have you planned for the New Year so far?

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