Every place I travel to, I comb the neighborhoods to find my “future” home. Typically a sprawling stucco, single story next to the beach and with a view. I am a dreamer.

Though I am not usually a Victorian home lover, I went pseudo house hunting in the King Williams Historic District of San Antonio, Texas.

The Kings William District was zonedTexas’ first historic district and in the 1800s was considered the most elegant area.

The first home I was “fake” going to buy, had a charming wrap around porch that seemed to be well suited for lemonade serving on a hot Texas night.

I simply fell in love with the next home because of the equestrian mailbox. Sometimes it is just that easy.

The third home had its own barrier gate, just like the Queen of England. I’m sold.

Then came the lions. who wouldn’t want lion statues guarding your homes entrance? So regal. And rose bushes? I could take up gardening.

If we could only combine lions, wrap around porches, lush gardens and iron gates…

Just as I was beginning to feel like I had walked all of the districts 25 blocks, there it was…my home.

A three story stone building with a mid-level veranda. I could envision sunbathing on a cushy lounge chair whilst sipping mojitos.

And…wait for it…a front yard with a shrub maze. The only thing missing were the lions.

This home was actually build for Edwards Steves, the founder of Steves Lumber Company. In 1952 the property was donated to the San Antonio Conservation Society. Sadly, I can NOT live in this home, but I can visit from 10:00-4.

Do you “house hunt”  when you travel?