I do not have many regrets about my travels to the charming city of Venice. Even missing out on a gondola ride through the canal didn’t leave me feeling all empty inside. What did leave a vacant spot in my soul was related to a famous bar and its even more famous cocktail.

My biggest regret after leaving Venice was that I did not drink a bellini at Harry’s Bar.

We took the Valporetto, my pseudo gondola ride, to the birthplace of the bellini, Harry’s Bar. The boat ported practically at the front door, which I took as a subliminal message. Besides, my hands were slightly frozen and surely a libation would warm them up.

We entered a room full of bellini laced tables. That should have been a sign.

But, I was being my frugal self that day and at 16 euros ($22) each, it wasn’t the bargain beverage I was looking for. I did briefly question my euro-to-dollar conversion, because even when dining at the pricey Ritz Carlton drinks were cheaper. The calcuation was spot-on, unfortunately.

Instead, I ordered an eleven dollar glass of prosecco, one of the cheapest drinks on the menu, next to sparkling water.

As I waited for my drink to arrive, I nibbled on an olive antipasto and was forced to watch as the bartender lined up the bellini glasses for all the patrons who were not as economical as me. A mild form of torture.

My Italian champagne beverage was very good, but tainted by the desire for the assembly-line made drink of the house.  Certainly, I could have forgone a half dozen espresso drinks to spring for a memorable experience of a lifetime.

What is your biggest travel regret? Have you had a bellini at Harry’s Bar?