In college, I took a figure drawing class. Yes. It was the one where nude models pose and everyone giggles for the first half hour of the lesson. Myself included. What I learned from this course, besides that there are some people that I do not need to see naked, was that I lack any sort of drawing ability.

My canvas was littered with stick figures.

But then, I had some inspiration in the oddest of places, Ripleys Believe it or Not in San Antonio, Texas. Here artists were creating showpieces with the strangest objects. And I believe it.

I am creative, maybe I could make a masterpiece out of my laundry lint?

This replica of Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus” was created with a toaster and 66 pieces of ordinary white bread. I am certain it can be duplicated with the leftover fuzzies from my white and tan laundry.

Has Elvis ever looked so good? The King on the Wing was created by Enrique Ramos and made purely with butterfly wings. Not an ounce of paint.

Enrique also made the infamous Cow-A-Lung-A portrait painted on…you guessed it…cow dung. I hope he wore gloves.

Mr. Ramos is a very creative guy, because he didn’t stop there. He went on to make a gum statue of Abraham Lincoln using only Chlorets. Not a good goal for someone with TMJ.

There was an impressive display of a dozen or so beautifully painted butterflies. Each depicted a different scene and the detail was flawless.

I might be able to accomplish this if it came in a paint-by-number kit.

James Butman composed “Girl in a Bird’s Nest” with 5,000 postage stamps. It was part of his therapy for agoraphobia, the fear of public places. It  took two years and cost $30,000.

I once made a collage vision board out of magazines and completed a semi-impressive mosaic tile plaque. Maybe I have a shot at postage stamp art.

After spending too many minutes contemplating the meaning of the artwork I saw, I needed to rest my mind and feet. The Cuban Eye Popper offered me a seat, which I graciously accepted.

My husband said we could be related.

Have you created a piece of art? If not, what would you create?

Disclosure: This attraction was sponsored by the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau, but all the words I write come straight from my, sometimes distorted, mind. Just as it should be.