After my first mushy pea experience, I was quite hesitant about there being a second. I was not a fan. But, a London local suggested trying peas at some place other than a pub. I cautiously obliged.

The Laughing Gravy, located near the Southbank and Borough district, offers a menu of fresh, seasonal dishes.

And lamb rump. And fancy mushy peas.

We arrived just prior to the kitchen opening for the noon lunch rush, though the bar was staffed and ready to serve libations.

You don’t have to tell me twice. One jammy red wine for me please.

The quaint bar area featured an unexpected and eclectic library of books where customers could swap titles.

I picked up the paperback 300 Unmissable Events Around the World and noted to make future travel plans to Japan to crash Hadaka Matsuri, a naked festival where only men participate. Kudos to Japan for creating such an event.

Just a few minutes before noon, and after perusing several entertaining books, we were seated at the coveted piano table. It is purely my assumption that this table is the most desirable. Why wouldn’t it be? You could literally impersonate Bach while dining.

If I only would have crossed off “learn Chopsticks on the piano” from my bucket list, I may have been a superstar pianist to the two other patrons.

We ordered two meals from the creative, upper-scale menu. No fish & chips in sight.

The first plate to arrive was a large butt-cheek; a cider marinated lamb rump with herb infused fondant potatoes (₤18.50). Sounds enticing. Looks plump. Tastes great for being a lambs derriere. Real juicy. Ok, I’m going to stop the posterior references now.

The other dish was a Spring hash with roast Jerusalem artichoke, crushed peas, barley and micro herb salad (₤12.50). The Laughing Gravy is so hoity toity that they serve ‘crushed peas’ not mushy ones.

Do you see the pseudo mushy peas strategically placed on my towering meal? Just from the presentation alone, I had high hopes for these peas.

They were freshly smashed and mixed with a hint of mint. I like these peas.

Apparently British peas come in a variety of textures and tastes. Some better than others.

Have you ever had lamb rump? How do you like your mushy peas?