We were only in London for four days, and we crammed a lot of new experiences and bucket list checks into that time. I don’t do “slow travel” well, I do speedy travel really good.

Though I squeezed just about every ounce of fun I could out of London, I did have one regret: Not eating at Burough Market.

Burough Market is London’s most renowned food market, featuring fruits, vegetables, British and International fare.

We thought we were being smart by taking The Underground to the London Bridge stop early in the a.m. to stroll through Burough Market. Unfortunately, it was too early.

Traders were prepping their aromatic foods to be served for lunch, but they were not for sale yet. Torture.

The first thing we walked by was a pan overflowing with sausages. Heartburn in a bowl. I still wanted to be the official taste tester. Besides it was breakfast, the perfect time for bangers sans the mash.

The next delicacy to taunt me was the Catalan Stew with meatballs, chorizo, butter beans and spicy sauce. If that cook would just turn around I could snag one of those little floating meatballs.

The variety of paellas available were in abundance, but I wouldn’t have spoiled my first ever paella experience in London when I would be in Barcelona in just a few days. They still smelled scrumptious.

The four years cured, Senorio de Montanera, ham looked ready for slicing…but, it was not. Too early.

Even the somewhat creepy hoof would not have kept me away from noshing on a thin piece of this otherwise.

The Stinking Bishop cheese appealed to my “strange foods” eating style. Was it really stinky? I may never know.

They were also selling bread from one of Anthony Bourdains Layover picks, St. John. Luckily we had already eaten carbs and bone marrow at St. John Restaurant, so I was only feeling minimally deprived about not being able to purchase a loaf.

The Rabot Estate chocolatier was just setting up shop as we passed by. This would have made for the perfect dessert to the meal we never had. Next time.

Though we vowed to return later that day to actually ingest some of the deliciousness that was seen, we got caught up with the excitement of the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace and time slipped away.

Do you have any regrets from your trip to London? Have you eaten at Burough Market?