Any night that starts with a Moonshine tasting and ends with a tub-sized pot of cooked shellfish being dumped on a table has to be a good night. Right? Right. Tonight we would be attending a truly Southern Low Country Boil, preceded by a memorable moonshine cocktail hour, at Georgia’s King & Prince Resort in St. Simons. I better loosen my belt buckle for this.

A Low Country Boil is a one pot seafood dish that typically combines shrimp, sausage, corn and potatoes to create a hearty meal for the masses.

The happy hour prior to dinner featured a Midnight Moon Moonshine tasting. Some straight up and some in a mixed cocktail designed by the King & Prince. Or rather the mixologist at the King & Prince. After drinking Absinthe in a Savannah Speakeasy, I was wary about the strength of another potent post-prohibition beverage. But, the Cherry Julep cocktail was smooth and went down like a fine sweet tea. Not sure that was a good thing.
Cherry Moonshine
Moonshine CocktailsMoonshine Cocktail
With an impressive pre-boil buzz, it was time for some Southern-style Low Country Boiling which started with adding corn to a pot of the secretly herbed water concoction. Each of the other components (sausage, shrimp & potatoes) were added at different intervals depending on the length of time needed to cook.

The special ingredient was fresh blue crabs, the same variety that we caught while shrimping on the Lady Jane.
Corn for the Low Country BoilBlue Crab added to the Low Country Boil
Low Country Boil
We sipped on more moonshine while waiting the approximately twenty minutes for the ingredients to cook. I expertly nursed my drink trying to prevent future embarrassment. Happy for the straw.

Once everything was done, except for my cocktail, it was drained and dumped out onto a large, paper covered communal table.

The crab was no longer blue, it turned reddish in color, matching the potatoes perfectly.
Low Country Boil
Low Country Boil
At this point it became a free-for-all with each guest approaching the table and packing their plates.

My attention was then diverted away from drinking moonshine to cracking crabs. Turns out there is an art to it. And I am no Monet.

Lets just say that the wet naps came in handy.
Table at Low Country BoilCooked Blue Crab
Low Country Boil Dinner

Have you ever been to a Low Country Boil? Have you tried moonshine?

Disclosure: This excursion was sponsored by King & Prince Beach & Golf Resort, but all the words I write come straight from my, sometimes distorted, mind. Just as it should be.

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