Within the businesses and industrial warehouses in Portland there is a handful of distilleries which manufacture a variety of unique liquors.

This area is known as Distillery Row and once you get tired of the downtown pubs, you must venture to drink at a Portland Distillery.

There are five liquor houses that make up Distillery Row though we only went to one, the New Deal Distillery which is known for its artisan vodkas.
New Deal Portland Distillery Menu

This is perfect because vodka is that liquor. The one I vowed to never drink straight up again after an eventful evening at a comedy club that ended up with the bathroom stall spinning.

Twenty years later the promise I made to myself will be broken. At a Portland distillery.

We entered what appeared to be the side door of a warehouse and the production lines were busy at work, bottling booze. In the corner, with a clear view of manufacturing, there was a small bar where tastings were just five bucks. Time to belly up.
Empty Bottles at New Deal Portland Distillery New Deal Distillery Empty BottlesBottle Tree at Portland Distillery

We allowed the staff to select our five liquors for tasting, each of which was served in the tiniest plastic cup. No more than an ounce.

The miniscule size would surely prevent any room from spinning in the future. Phew.

Of all the liquors tasted at this Portland Distillery, the Hot Monkey Vodka was a contender for the best soley because of its name, but the Ginger Liqueur was my favorite. Probably because it did not contain the word ‘Vodka’ in its name.

When the tasting was over it evidently wasn’t enough, the room stood still. So, I then ordered a mini cocktail, the Muddy Russian, made with their Mud Puddle Chocolate liquor. It was served in a real glass.
New Deal Distillery Vodka Mini Cocktail at Portland Distillery

Have you been liquor tasting at a Portland distillery?