I dig beverage in food tastings. I am sure that is overly evident by the amount of tastings I attend. It really makes no difference whether it is peppery olive oil, jammy red wine, rich South American coffee, unique honey or, in this case, a tea tasting. I don’t discriminate.

It was pure luck that right next door to Portland’s meaty Olympic Provisions restaurant was a tiny tea house. Even more lucky, they serve a Fez tea. And also have a Fez hat on hand to boot. What a fezzy coincidence.

Steven Smith Teamaker is a quaint shop in Portland, Oregon that produces hand-crafted, fine tea using interesting ingredients from around the World.
Fresh Tea Tasting Ingredients

Along with individual cups of tea, the teaworks also offers a tea tasting of their impressive selection. And you can wear a Fez while doing it. Bonus.

We sat at the table height bar and ordered the a tea flight. Just like at a wine bar. Sort of. Unsure about the flavors, we let the knowledgeable staff choose the flavors of our four tastings. One was the Fez No. 39.

In a tea tasting, the tea is steeped stronger than normal and just like in a coffee cupping, you are supposed to slurp your tea so you can truly taste it. Finally, an excuse for bad manners.
Tea Tasting Cups at Portland's Steven Smith Teamaker

As I was expertly slurping my yellow Fez tea, a red Fez hat sat discreetly on the corner of the bar, staring at me. What do you want?

Even after much thought, the Fez and tea connection eluded me. So, I asked.

Fez No. 39 tea was named after the age owner Steve was was when he got his first Fez. He must really like Fez’s.
Fez Hat at Steven Smith TeamakersFez no. 39 Tea

And though I still don’t really get it, they had a Fez on premise. One that you can wear while tasting your tea. Can anyone guess what I did?
Annette White Weating a Fez