I will admit that I am a snobby restaurant diner. Typically, cheesy gimmicks will not work for me. Neither does a $2.99 grand slam breakfast. And that’s why it is ironic that I ended up dining at Dick’s Last Resort in San Antonio, Texas. Truly the last resort.

I was lured in by the offerings of eating crispy alligator and wearing nasty paper hats.

We were greeted at the door by this sign. Perfect.

The menu was housed in a tin can and I immediately grabbed it, eager to find out what I would be wasting my cash on.

Something fried, battered or slathered?

The waiter came over and spewed out a few of his best insults, that’s their shtick. I insulted back and placed my high in calorie, filled with protein order. Crispy gator bites ($6.99) and a chicky caesar salad ($8.99). They had fry’d pickles too, but I had gotten my fix earlier at Esquire Tavern.

In the meantime…
Every customer gets their own nasty hat. And they are funny. And a bit crude.

The alligator arrived with a side of chipotle ranch and could have easily been mistaken for a chicken nugget. Tasted like one too.

The rest of our meal was not as exciting as the gator…or the obscene paper hats.

This was the flip-side of my 5-hour, 5-star meal at the Ritz Carlton in Lake Tahoe.

My Dick’s experience would not have been complete without eating gator, wearing a paper hat or this Mount Dickmore coaster. I took it home. The coaster, not the hat.

What’s the cheesiest restaurant you have ever been to? Have you eaten alligator before?

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