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Bucket List of Things to Do on an African Safari

Though going on a safari in Tanzania as a guest of Shadows of Africa was one HUGE bucket list check, there were also a number of mini checks during this incredible four day adventure.   Bucket List of 15 Things to Do on Safari in Tanzania 1. SPOT THE BIG FIVE If you are traveling all the way to Africa for an African safari there is little doubt that one of the things you will want to do is spot the Big Five, the five animals… Read More »

Spend the Night in a Hostel in Florence, Italy

In my many years of traveling around the world, it was not until embarrassingly recently that I had ever spent the night in a hostel. This popular and economical lodging option was never on my agenda mostly because I don’t feel comfortable sleeping in the same room or sharing a restroom with strangers. When needing to pee in the middle of the night, I want my toilet to be close and empty. This little personal issue made sixth grade camp torture. But,… Read More »

Attend Mass at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Call me crazy, but seeing Notre Dame Cathedral was not on my Paris bucket list prior to arriving in France. What was I thinking? Peter and I actually passed by it the first time without even stopping and accidentally stumbled upon it the second time, only drawn in by the crowds and bleachers out front. Though many times while traveling, large crowds equate to a Disneyland-like attraction, this was different. Notre Dame may not be the largest Catholic cathedral in the world, but it might be one of the most beautiful… Read More »

See Hugging Zebras in Africa. Snapshot.

See Hugging Zebras in Africa While on safari in Tanzania, with Shadows of Africa, there was a wild vision that that never grew dull, the sight of zebras hugging. This sweet sight won’t be terribly difficult to spot, I got a glimpse of them in Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarengire National Parks. Though this moment may be interpreted by humans as being nothing but tender, the zebras are technically not hugging, they are protecting each other from predators. Still adorable. For more Bucket List Snapshots…

See the Byzantine Monasteries in Greece

99.8% of the time I am overly content with being a woman. But, while traveling through Halkidiki, Greece I encountered that .02%. Due to my genetic femininity I would only be able to witness the breathtaking Mount Athos Byzantine monasteries from a minimum of 500 meters away. That’s a whopping 1640 feet to us Americans, 140 meters longer than the largest cruise ship in the world or the length of 4 1/2 football fields. You get the idea? Mount Athos is an UNESCO site… Read More »

Paddle Board in Oxnard, California

I am clumsy. Tripping over mysterious bumps in the road and dropping seemingly slippery wine glasses is nothing new. So, when I decided to learn how to paddle board in the Channel Islands Harbor of Oxnard, California my first concern was how cold would the water be. My second? Would there be sharks? A road trip six hours south from my Northern California home took me to the city of Oxnard. This is one of those towns that is lined with the beautiful SoCal… Read More »

Stay in a Tuscan Villa in Italy

There has been a not so secret fantasy that has occupied my mind over the last few years. It is the one where I leave all the stresses of life behind to escape to the hills of Northern Italy and live in a charming, old Tuscan Villa. A classic dream that blends a little Eat, Pray, Love with a bit of Under the Tuscan Sun. A version of this fairytale became a reality at Villa Pippistrelli. At least for four perfect nights. After… Read More »

Bucket List of 18 Things to do in Chiang Mai

Thailand’s Northern city of Chiang Mai is many traveler’s dream destination due to its delicious food, hundreds of temples, rich culture and budget travel opportunities. It is also the second largest city in the country and filled will bucket list worthy experiences.   Bucket List of 19 Things to Do in Chiang Mai, Thailand   1. EAT A HUNDRED YEAR OLD EGG A century egg, also know as a thousand or hundred year old egg is an Asian tradition in which an egg is… Read More »

Do a Kimono Fitting in Tokyo, Japan

While traveling through the streets of Tokyo we saw some ladies and a couple of gentlemen donning traditional Japanese kimonos. I was intrigued. Were they as comfy as they looked? Luckily, our tour guide for the day had taken a year long class in order to learn how to properly fit a person for a kimono and on the day she taught us to make the most colorful sushi in her home she offered to do a special kimono fitting for both Peter and myself. Shite kudasai hai –… Read More »

Read a Classic Book + 12 Free Classic Novels to Read

I am an avid reader. It is one of the best ways to pass the time while traveling. Between all the airports, trains and planes, distractions are a necessity. My tastes run the gamut, from romance to science fiction to entrepreneurial to fantasy. It doesn’t matter much as long as it’s entertaining, educational or inspirational. With that said, the one genre that seems to always be last on the reading list is classic novels. This probably due to the fact that so many were… Read More »