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List Worthy Experiences from Around the World

Go a Week Without Wearing Makeup

I panicked when I read that there were no blow dryers or flat irons allowed at Blue Osa Yoga Retreat on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. Do they not know what my hair does in the humidity? The same information sheet also said that most people choose to not wear any makeup. What? No hair technology and no blemish coverage for an entire week? It had been on the bucket list to go in public without makeup for 24 hours, but this was taking it to the next… Read More »

Eat a Bug Sundae at Portland’s Freakybuttrue Peculiarium

Who wouldn’t want to visit a place with a name like the Freakybuttrue Peculiarium?  It is filled with creepy oddities, homemade exhibits and weird experiences, like the opportunity to have your photo taken getting an alien autopsy or viewing a dollhouse where one of the disturbing rooms has just had a bloody massacre. If that wasn’t enough, you can also eat a tasty Bug Eater’s Delight sundae. Bonus.

22 Bucket List Things to Do in Tokyo

Tokyo is known for its unique experiences, such as a medical themed restaurant where you can eat beef, shaped like a brain, inside a private jail cell. Or the cat cafes where petting felines and drinking coffee go hand in hand. The city is a mix of quirky attractions, rich culture and, of course, bucket list worthy experiences.

Take a Christmas Market Cruise Along the Rhine River

For the past several years the holiday Scrooge had been visiting my house. There has been no smell of pine needles, cookies left for Santa or even a cup of eggnog. The crotchety miser who invaded my home has been me.  I was not in the Christmas spirit, by a long shot. There was alway too much to do. Between writing a holiday gift giving post for this blog to planning a holiday feast to preparing the seasons bonuses for the employees… Read More »

Release Baby Turtles into the Ocean. Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

After an adventurous day horseback riding, hiking and rappelling down a 100 foot waterfall in the Costa Rican jungle, I was looking forward to nothing more than lounging around Blue Osa Yoga Retreat’s Pool with a fruity cocktail. That thought lasted a mere ten minutes, until someone mentioned baby turtles. Who needs cocktails and a pool when there’s baby turtles?

Eat Worm Cakes (& Other Vietnamese Street Food) in Hanoi

The streets of Hanoi are lined with small cart vendors who set out their miniature red and blue plastic chairs along the sidewalks. In the mornings the customers are drinking the shops Vietnamese coffee or green tea with a bowl of Phở and in the afternoon they could be eating anything from a Banh Pate sandwich to barbecued frog legs to ragworm cakes. This seemed to be representative of the food truck movement in its infancy.

Climb to the Peak of Sigiriya Rock in Sri Lanka

Climbing the 368 stairs to the top of Bartolome island in the Galapagos made my brow trickle with sweat and scaling the 468 stairs of the Florence Duomo made my lungs ache, even the measly 109 steps of the St. Simons Lighthouse in Georgia made me embarrassingly winded. If these were all examples from the past, then what would the 1200 steps of the 200m high Sigiriya rock in Sri Lanka do to me? I was about to find out and I was afraid. Very afraid. Sigiriya is an… Read More »

Hit a Clay Pigeon While Skeet Shooting

It was a chilly 48 degree fall morning in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, the leaves were just beginning to change color and the brisk wind sporadically blew them off the trees. I bundled up, wrapped a scarf around my neck and started to walk from my lodging at the Inn at Pocono Manor to my adventure location for the day at the neighboring Manor Sports. During the scenic walk on the million dollar mile, a street filled with grand homes along the golf… Read More »

Take a Flyboarding Water Jetpack Flight. Cancun, Mexico

Today seems like a perfectly fine day in Cancun to stick my feet into some lace-up boots that are strapped to a short surf-style board. Then, I’m thinking about having a high-performance jet ski, attached to aforementioned board by a tube that forces the ocean’s water through it, tow me around the sea and possibly hoist me a story off the water.  Just a random idea. I have always been a fan of The Jetsons futuristic cartoons, secretly fantasizing about… Read More »

20 Ideas For Your Winter Bucket List

The sunshine has mostly disappeared and the leaves have fallen off the trees, Winter is definitely closing in. Instead of just hiding out at under the covers at home waiting for the snow to melt and the beach weather to return, why not create a Winter Bucket List? 1. Go Ice Fishing Bundle up, break out your portable seat and spend a relaxing (albeit chilly) day fishing for your dinner. This popular cold weather sport is done using tools like an ice auger,… Read More »