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Experience a Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Temples in Chiang Mai are like Duomos in Italy or sea lions on the Galápagos Islands, they are everywhere. You will spot them next to convenience stores, tucked in between souvenir shops and smack dab in the middle of bustling business sections of town. Even though there was not a Chiang Mai temple that quite compared to the unconventionality of the White Temple in Chiang Rai, there was one wat inside the city gates that warranted a closer look. Right across the street from my… Read More »

15 Travelers Share Their Favorite Bucket List Adventure

It is extremely difficult for me to pinpoint my absolute favorite bucket list adventure, but a couple high on the list are swimming in Jellyfish Lake in Palau and going on safari in Tanzania. Though, thinking about it got me wondering if other travelers had a life list check that stood out amongst the rest. So, I asked the question “What has been your favorite bucket list adventure?” and here are what 15 avid travelers, writers and bloggers said: HOLDING A KOALA AND KANGAROO IN AUSTRALIA Submitted by Andrea at… Read More »

Make French Macarons in Paris

It was embarrassingly recent that I learned the difference between macaroons and macarons. The first being the chewy, coconut mound of deliciousness and the latter being the colorful sandwich style cookie known predominantly as a French confection. I am a fan of both. I never discriminate when it comes to cookies. But, we were in Paris which meant that this would be a more practical place to learn how to make macarons, not macaroons. Of course afterwards, there would need to be a taste testing battle against two… Read More »

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Sonoma County

Recently, the Sonoma County Tourism Board in California chose me to be one of the next faces of Sonoma County and I was beyond thrilled to be representing the beautiful county that I call home. And that was way before knowing that one of the perks to being a representative (aka: a Sonomad) was a hot air balloon ride over the picturesque vineyards of Northern California. Lucky Day. A hot air balloon ride had been on my bucket list for an unacceptable amount of time… Read More »

See the Blue-Footed Booby Mating Dance in the Galápagos Islands

Peter was excited when I told him we would be going on a cruise with Ecoventura to the Galápagos Islands, even more enthusiastic when I informed him that he would be seeing hundreds of boobies. What I failed to mention was that these Boobies weren’t of the well-endowed female sort, they were the native Blue-footed Booby bird which just happened to own a very breasty name. He would find out soon enough. There are actually 3 types of boobies on the Galápagos Islands: Blue-footed,… Read More »

Tour the Grand Canal of Venice. Snapshot.

Tour the Grand Canal of Venice. The Grand Canal is the main waterway in Venice and this is one of the stunning views you will see from the Valporetto #1 boat, which weaves its way from Piazzale Roma to Piazza San Marco. This waterbus is the perfect substitute for the significantly more expensive gondola ride through the Grand Canal.

Drink the Carpe Diem Cava in Spain

Carpe Diem. Seize the day. This is a term that I try to live my life by and is one of the main reasons I traveled all the way to the Penedes region of Spain to taste many of the 50 Great Cavas ranked by Wine Pleasures. So, it was beyond appropriate that when we arrived at MasTinell we were served their Carpe Diem Cava. Just a subtle reminder 6,000 miles from home. We drove up to the road to Mas Tinell and… Read More »

Drink From a Water Fountain in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland is one of the cleanest cities I have ever been to, as well as one of the most expensive. So, on one hand it did not surprise me that you could drink the water straight from the hundreds of beautiful water fountains scattered throughout this enchanting town. Though on the flip side, it was completely shocking that the potable fountain water was free. Especially when a venti vanilla latte will run you a whopping eight bucks. There are over 1200 unique fountains located around Zurich, most of which spew drinkable… Read More »

Drink in a Golden Gai Bar in Tokyo

I am typically a wine lounge kind of lady. Take me to a swanky place with Lorde playing in the background, cushioned couch seating and a large selection of red wine to choose from and I will be as happy as a monkey with a peanut machine. Drinking in a Shinjuku Golden Gai bar in Tokyo was nothing like that, in fact it was the complete opposite. And I liked it. In a divey-bar, fabulous sort of way. Golden Gai is a neighborhood in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo… Read More »

Explore the Micronesian Country of Palau

One regret I had about going to the Micronesian country of Palau was not being certified to scuba dive and therefore not having the opportunity to be surrounded by dozens of sharks in the famous Blue Corner. For most people that would be a benefit, not a regret. I actually was certified many years ago, but definitely would have needed a serious refresher course before feeling comfortable enough to dive in one of the world’s most renowned scuba diving locations. But, it turned out… Read More »