I am always cold. It's a fact. If you are wearing a short sleeve shirt than I am wearing a sweater and if you have a sweater on then I will definitely be sporting a jacket and scarf. I couldn't even imagine what I would have to put on in order to have drinks at an ice bar, but I was sure it would be something that would make me walk like a penguin. Fitting.

We were greeted at the Minus5 Ice Lounge in Las Vegas by attractive girls wearing furry animal hats, apparantly the latest winter trend. They fitted us with thick parkas, gloves and boots. I was actually warm. I was still standing in the lobby.

The cost of admission, $35 per person, included two drinks. So, the first stop was the bar, where I ordered some fruity chick drink. I didn't think my drink of choice, red wine, would be a wise selection considering the glasses were made of ice. 

Everything is made of ice; the bar, the chairs and even the glasses.

I couldn't help but wonder how this bartender could stand to work in the frigid air for more than a 20 minute stretch. But, he looked equipped. Better so than me.

We found a cozy seat covered with hide to take a little edge off the bitter cold. My butt was still frozen. But, that was nothing compared to the icicles that took over where my fingers used to be. I probably should have paid the extra twenty bucks for the fur coat and ski gloves.

I lasted a good half hour inside the ice bar, enough time to thoroughly chill, down a drink and take the obligatory photo (which they charge 20 bucks a pop for…ouch!). 

It took a good amount of time to defrost after exiting the ice chamber. Much thanks to the owners for intelligently placing the blazing fire on our way out. The last time I remember being that cold was when we spent the evening curling at the local ice skating rink.

I'm not sure how I would possibly survive in Antarctica. But, it's still on the Bucket List.

Have you ever been to an ice bar? What's the coldest you have ever been?

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