Immediately after dropping my luggage off at the Mayflower Park Hotel (and inhaling the complimentary chocolate covered cherries), I sprinted the four blocks to one of the countries most famous markets.

I had a preconceived vision of Pike Place Market in Seattle. It included throwing fish, catching fish and eating fish. And it was all that.

But, this fishy haven offers much more than just scallops, salmon and shrimp.

1. Custom Hats
Hats are not uncommon attire in this well-known-for-being rainy city. But, if you want to stand out in the black-hat crowd, sport one of these custom (& colorful) numbers.

2. Rocker T-Shirts
An amazing artist uses bleach and guitars to make the coolest rocker t-shirts. I know. Amazing. It was one of the few souvenirs that I have ever wanted…anywhere.

3. Cigar Box Guitar
And of course if I am going to be sporting a rocker tee, I need a cigar box guitar to jam with. Duh.

4. Colorful Tulips
Alm Hill Gardens was selling beautiful bouquets of tulips. They are a sustainable farm that produces berries, lettuces and vegetables too. But, who could get past the flowers?

5. Pure Honey
As soon as I tasted the raw blackberry honey, I was picturing it in a cup of warm tea by a cozy fire. I thought about double dipping to make sure the second lick would be as good as the first. I’m sure I wouldn’t have been the only one.

6. Sweet Pistachios
The sweet, candied pistachios would make for the perfect accompaniment to my cup of tea (stop skimming and read #5). Or at least could replace a dull bowl of beer nuts.

7. Leather Journals
Oh boy, the secrets that could be kept in a beautiful, leather journal…if it only had a lock.

8. Fire Lighters
Strike the match against the stone and you have instant fire. Genius. Or maybe just another Pike Place Market souvenir.

9. Sea Related Magnets
You can bring home a fishy memory, a sea-related refrigerator magnet. And it won’t spoil or smell up your suitcase.

Have you been to Pike Place Market? Which one of these souvenir would you most likely take home?

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