Quite a few months back a complete stranger (& fellow adventurist) invited me on the “Playboy” Kandy Kruise to Mexico, I accepted and a friendship was born. Lucky for me, she lives in London and I was excited to meet up with her again at the oldest wine bar in the city, Gordon’s.

Megane is the ultimate bucket lister whose stories are intriguing, as well as inspirational. And of course, it wouldn’t be a bucket listers night out if there wasn’t a check on someones life list and Megane graciously offered to teach me the alphabet in sign language. Wine, friends and new experiences. Triple bonus.

Established in 1890, Gordon’s Wine Bar, gives you a glimpse of the past. Not much has changed in over a century.

With the billion of neighboring pubs, Gordon’s has not succumb to peer pressure and still only serves wine, which was more than fine by me.

The dusty bottles in the window are an indication that nothing has changed in all these years. Let’s just say that someone needs a feather duster and a sponge. Though, the residue does add to the undeniable charm.

photo credit: Simon Burgess

Since the inside was standing room only, unlike the photo above, we grabbed a bottle of wine and headed to the crowded outdoor patio. The locals apparently were unaware of the 45 degree temperatures outside, while I was frantically searching for heat lamps to no avail.

The average age range was 30s, with many men in suits and trendily dressed women. I was happy to be wearing my less than trendy puffy jacket.

About one glass of wine in, Megane started with the sign language lesson. A…B…C.and then A again (I am a slow learner, thankfully she is a patient woman).

Not more than twenty minutes later I had learned the British alphabet, which slightly differs from the American one.

I have yet to put my new skill to use, but can still remember how to sign my name. I just can’t remember anything else. More practice.

Do you know sign language? Have you ever been to Gordon’s Wine Bar in London?

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