Many London restaurants feature pre-theater meals on their menus, a prix fixe meal to enjoy prior to attending an evening at the show. Since I had no plans of going to the theater I settled for a ‘working lunch’ at Arbutus. I wasn’t working either. Whatever.

Arbutus in Soho London features a prix fixe, two or three course, working lunch for the white collared nine to fiver on their break.

We were greeted by a white marbled bar that extended into the dining area.

Typically, I would choose a seat belly-up to the bar, but I’m not sure if that would be appropriate for a “working” lunch.

The bar ended with a clear covered cheese plate. Tempting.

We sat at the bench seating, always a good second choice. The wooden tables, with colorful variations in grain, were like nothing I had ever seen. Beautiful.

At this point, the only other patrons were men in suits, the “workers” part of the working lunch.

The Working Lunch menu featured an option for either 2 or 3 courses (17.95 or 19.95), with two choices for each course.

Peter and I both ordered the three course meal and each chose different items, so by the end of lunch we should have each tried everything on the menu. See how great sharing can be.

Course 1
A minestrone style soup hit the table and I was unimpressed because I don’t like minestrone soup. Yes, I am Italian. And own an Italian restaurant (we do NOT have minestrone on our menu). But, after tasting this delicious soup, I may be changing my mind about the whole minestrone thing.

Also, in this course was a poached salmon salad. Crisp and clean. But, I’ll take my soup back.

Course 2
Second was, my death row meal, wild mushroom risotto. Actually it would have needed to be doused in truffle oil and have a tad more creaminess to it to be my last meal. But, it certainly was close.

The other plate was roasted rabbit with chickpeas. I had only had bunny once before, in Napa at Tra Vigne. It was the time I ate a rabbit bone. I will be more careful this time.

This rabbit was tender and juicy and I managed to avoid all the bones. Score.

Course 3
The finale was dulche de leche ice cream served quenelle style, shaped like a football. I am happy I didn’t skimp out on the third course.

This course came with the cheese of the day which I could not identify, but it was a stinky formage. More ice cream please.

This foodie adventure hands down beats my prior mushy pea experience.

I’m not sure how anyone manages to return to work after a meal like this. Especially without a nap.

Have you ever been to Arbutus? What is your death row meal?