I  believe that I can pretty much do anything, within a very blurred line of reason. Flamenco dancing may just be outside of that line. Their talented feet move far too swiftly for my aged eyes and I would only be able to duplicate the passion in their faces if I broke my big toe.

In Poble Espanyol de Monjuic, by Olympic Village and a short walk from the Magic Fountain, you will find the best flamenco in Barcelona.

The show at El Tablao de Carmen is a tribute to the great flamenco dancer, Carmen Amaya. They feature some of the greatest talents in Spain as well as rising stars.  I will NOT be performing there.

I made reservations for the late show starting at 10:00, which gave us just enough time to witness the famous Magic Fountain do its magic beforehand. For the record, it is way better than the Bellagio waterworks in Las Vegas.

We were graciously seated right in front of the stage, hoping this would not be like a comedy club where we become a part of the show.

There were three choices for our dining experience; just drinks for €35, tapas €45 or a full dinner €69. I opted for the tapas menu, which included drinks and dessert.

The tapas seemed never ending, I can’t even imagine having done the entire dinner.  With that said,  the food was just mediocre, nowhere near my new Spanish tapas standard. But, I did enjoy the cured meats and olives. We should have stopped there.

Once the show started my eyes never left the stage, mesmerized…until I needed to flag the server down for another glass of wine.

Flamenco, originating in Andalusia, is an expressive form of art combining music, song and dance. And you better check your pulse if you don’t feel the oozing passion.

The passion in their faces was entrancing and bewildering. How can I get me some of that?

When their feet started to move, it seemed at an impossible speed.

Even as they kept the beat with the clapping of their hands, the stares stayed intense. In the moment.

The pinnacle of the show was one women leaving every emotion on the stage in a powerful series of steps.

You could feel the intensity deep in the pit of your gut and appreciate the years of dedicated practice that this dance requires.

Have you seen a Flamenco dance? Would you like to learn how to Flamenco dance?