I am feeling a little naked today. Maybe only wearing a hypothetical pair of socks. Why? Because this marks the first time I will be sharing Bucket List Journey’s stats in my brand spanking new media kit. Ta da.

A media kit is an information sheet or package about a business that is given to potential advertisers or pr representatives.

Annette White Media KitWhy has is taken so long? Frankly, I was waiting for better…and then bigger…and then even better numbers to impress you with. But, then I realized, that just like fitting into my skinny jeans, that day may never come or at least it is going to require a great deal of sacrifice, like refraining from red wine. Gasp.

Besides, I am proud of how far this little ole’ blog has come and where it is going.

Why do you need a media kit? As my numbers grow so do my requests for press trips, guest posts, advertising and other opportunities. A media kit not only makes it easier to respond to (or initiate) these requests, it also looks professional.

Why only a single page? That’s all I needed. Actually, it was done purposefully so all the information was in a neat and tidy one page package. Simple and to the point. Though it was previously a bit longer before I decided to put the press & media links directly on my blog instead of in the kit.

Media Kit Inspiration
The preface to writing a media kit was hours researching samples. Here are a few that were inspirational to me:

The Bewitchin’ Kitchen – a four-page kit with a creative design

Living the Dream – A longer version of a media kit, packed with stats and photos

Katy Widrick – A sampling of several short media kits

Misadventures with Andi – a cool slide show variety

Adventurous Kate – Not sure if I am more impressed with her stats or her media kit, either way you should check it out.

Amateur Traveler – A nice design with a great column layout.

My Itchy Feet Travel – Jam packed with photos and graphs

…and the Bucket List Journey Media Kit.