The Lotus flower has an array of meanings depending on the culture; divine purity in Buddhism, rebirth in Egyptian and wealth in Hinduism. This  explains why thousands of teary-eyed gals are tattooing it across the small of the back, claiming it has such deep meaning to them that they have to permanently ink it on their bodies…so they won’t forget. Well, call me shallow, but I just think they are cute and that is not a good enough reason for a tattoo, but a candle holder? That is the type of non-commitment I can do.

Surprisingly enough, ceramic candle holders are hard to find. Possibly because I only wanted one in white (I am annoyingly picky like that) and it appeared that the trend was pastel pink or pale yellow. After weeks of hunting, I was lucky to find mine in a tiny home boutique store in downtown Healdsburg, CA. Luckily, you don’t have to leave your house to get yours (unless of course you prefer the tattoo): 

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