In honor of my recent “Bucket List of 111 Cocktails you Must Try” post, I felt obligated to get busy drinking and not be a ‘poser’ (posting crap that I have no intention of actually doing). Thankfully, we were going out to dinner for my father-in-laws birthday and when we arrived at the restaurant the hostess told us, “your party is waiting next door at the Whiskey Bar”. Hello…was I in heaven? I was stoked to see the French 75 on the menu and even more elated when Peter ordered the Mint Julep. Can we say kill two birds with one stone? I have since learned that the French can make a mean cocktail (remind me to go there). Unfortunately, the Mint Julep was left practically untouched due to its obnoxiously-strong Bourbon taste. I guess that truly signifies that we are not 21 anymore!

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